Hi, I’m Filipp Shiryayev, the founder of the Trade House “Filkina Gramota and Funny Money USA”. I want to tell you how I started and what the desire of bringing joy into every home has resulted in. I founded the business in 2000 as I turned 18. I had plenty of ideas, but little money to implement them. And the first product I invented was the souvenir money, then jocose certificates, gift diplomas and a whole lot more. These products presented interest and I received a lot of positive feedback about my small but promising company. In the shortest possible time, I formed a team of professionals working with my idea and by 2007 the company had taken the leading positions on the souvenir market of Russia. In 2017 I started supplying my products in the US market and we are very proud of the fact that the US people have an interest in them. We will keep on bringing joy into every home. Want to join me? Thank you for choosing Funny Money USA. Please contact me, if any questions arise:+79265495233, fil.gramota@mail.ru