Custom Design

Custom Designed Bills

MFP Co. offers to print the prop money with your custom design. We will change the original design of the bill, print individual seals, pack each 100 bills and send it to you by UPS Express.

We can make any design changes: add photos, writings, any little design elements, make custom fonts or put writing with original fonts. Our company starts printing after full design confirmation by your side.

Have any questions left? Want to get an inquiry? Feel free to contact us by:


WhatsApp +44(752)-06-44-770 

Telegram @moneyforprank

  • 100 stacks (10 000 bills) = $1500

  • 500 stacks (50 000 bills) = $2500

  • 1000 and more stacks (100 000 bills+) = $4000

  • The shipping is carried out by UPS Express

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